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14 July 2005 @ 02:12 pm
Title: Misery Loves Lusts for Company
Rating: NC-17, I suppose
Pairing: Remus/Buckbeak
Kinks: Bestiality, frottage
Disclaimer: Very much not mine.
Notes: This was written for the Kinky Creatures Challenge, and god do I feel dirty. I feel naughty enough writing sex between two humans… I usually don’t post in communities, so con.crit. is very welcome, but please be gentle. I break easily.
Thanks to Scone, my beta.

Remus stood in the doorway, staring at Buckbeak intently. Mrs. Black’s room was squalid, but the hippogriff sat tall and proud amongst the clutter. The last rays of sun made their way through the gloom to play over his gray feathers. Buckbeak tilted his head to the side, expectant.
“He’s really gone, Buckbeak,” Remus whispered softly, holding eye contact as he bowed to the beast. Buckbeak nodded, before lowering his head and ruffling his wings. Remus entered the room, shutting the door behind him softly. “It was Bellatrix-” Remus’ voice caught in his throat as he stifled a sob. Buckbeak crooned softly, looking every bit as distraught as Remus felt.
Remus made his way across the room to Buckbeak, bowing once more before lowering himself onto the bed next to the creature. Buckbeak regarded the werewolf coolly for a moment before shifting to allow him more room.
“He-” Remus cleared his throat. “He’s dead.” Remus closed his eyes and leaned back against the headboard, weary. He ran his hands over the bed, remembering the night before, and what events had taken place on this very bed, hippogriff and all.

Sirius was bent over the edge of the bed, sweating and moaning as Remus thrust into him.
“Nnnn… harder….” Sirius moaned. Remus began to pound into him more forcefully, fisting his hands in the covers. Sirius let out a low groan, his body clenching around Remus. Remus gasped and threw his head back, climaxing after a few more desperate thrusts.

Remus kept his eyes shut as he rubbed himself through his trousers, imaging that Sirius was still there, still alive. Still there to love Remus.
He slowly unzipped his fly, freeing himself. Sirius continued to fill his mind while he fisted his erection.
There were memories of Sirius standing in the shower, eyes mischievous beneath a sopping curtain of black hair. How Sirius would slide up from beneath the bed sheets, waking him with a kiss that tasted of bitterness and salt. The way Sirius grinned at him flirtatiously from across the table while the Weasley children chattered, while his foot slid up Remus’ leg.
When the weight on the bed shifted, and Remus reached out, almost expecting to find Sirius, and be told it was all a joke. There would be a grin and a laugh, explaining that it was just another prank. Remus’ eyes shot open when his fingers met feathers. Curious orange eyes peered into Remus’ hazel ones. The hippogriff’s eyes left Remus’ to travel down his body, to the cock which was still loosely held in his hand.
Remus shifted uncomfortably, making an effort to cover himself as Buckbeak scrutinized his dwindling erection. Buckbeak nudged his bird-like head against Remus’ cock, tilting his head to the side when he heard Remus gasp. Blood quickly began to flood back to Remus’ groin as the hippogriff’s feathered head rubbed against him. Remus squeezed his eyes shut, trying to imagine that this was not happening, that he was not being molested by a hippogriff. His dead lover’s hippogriff.
Remus gasped, almost in pain, as Buckbeak ran the tip of his beak along the underside of his prick. Remus was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything other than the source of the sensations running through him. The pain and sadness began to dissapate as he gave himself over to pleasure.
Buckbeak was attentive to his reactions and moved on top of Remus, so that his rough forelegs lay on either side of the werewolf’s groin. Remus moaned and thrust upward against the pressure, amazed at the sensations in his cock as he rubbed himself against the thick skin and layer of down on Buckbeak’s legs.
Shame filled Remus as he took pleasure in the beast lying atop him. His eyes widened as he remembered the unlocked door. He shifted in order to reach his wand and charm the lock. The movement brought him in even closer contact with Buckbeak, who was now rhythmically thrusting himself against the mattress. Buckbeak’s feathered chest rubbed against him, feathers alternately gliding and dragging over his stiff cock. Any plans to lock the door were forgotten as he squirmed and thrust beneath the animal, the last scrap of his dignity thrown to the wind.
Remus moaned and shuddered, splattering Buckbeak’s feathers with his semen. Buckbeak looked down at the mess and sent Remus a haughty glare before closing his eyes and letting out the strangest groan Remus had ever heard. The hippogriff shuddered as it came, before collapsing. Remus gasped as the breath was knocked out of him by a thousand pound hippogriff. Remus spluttered, trying to pull himself free. Buckbeak opened an eye to glare, very perturbed by the interruption from his post-coital bliss. The hippogriff grudgingly moved aside, looking down at his marred feathers.
Shame and grief overtook Remus as he struggled to pull his trousers back into place.
Remus buried his face in his hands and wept. Buckbeak preened.
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